Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Day 2 - 01-02-08

I'm really over thinking this idea of taking pictures everyday. I also have discovered that I have a hard time just using one picture. So today I am sharing 2. lol

Here is the first one... Can you tell what it is? I think it's fairly easy to guess.

It's extremely cold here in NC today. I think our high was around 35, with 15 mph winds. My son little C had Tae Kwon Do this morning. Which meant that while the house was still freezing cold I had to shower and get ready. I decided that being warm with dry hair was more important then being pretty today and let my hair do it's natural crazy thing. Which means that some of my hair was super curly, some was wavy and in the very back it was straight. None of that matters though because my hair was dry and I wasn't as cold as I would have been with wet hair.

The above picture is my curly/wavy hair, taken with my macro lens. I was playing around with my lens and for some odd reason started taking pictures of my hair. lol

It definitely sums up today, cold and lazy.

See in picture number 2 I didn't line up very well and accidentally got my eye in the picture. I really like this photo though. My eyes when you are looking at me are the color of dark chocolate. On rare occasions they turn this color, and I love that I have a photo showing it.

So there are my strange photos for the day.


hailiriley said...

Great creative shots! And there is nothing wrong with the little green box...LOL...I stayed on that box for a long time..just stick with it and you will get off of it!

Debby said...

They are actually very cool shots. There is a flicker group dedicated to 365 self portraits and this is what a lot of people do.