Thursday, January 10, 2008

Still taking Pictures...

I'm still taking pictures. Just too busy right now to upload them all. I will catch up sometime soon. We are heading to visit some family in a few days, once there I should have time to update.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Day 6 - 01-06-08

The Webkinz site was finally up.

Both kids bought a Webkinz with Christmas money from big C's grandmother. K has a pink pony named Princess, and Little C has a Bulldog named Earthquake. The problem is that since Christmas the Webkinz site has been down every time we tried to get on it. They finally had success this evening!
That was a very exciting thing in our house!

Day 5 - 01-05-07

Little C got Disney Scene It for Christmas and we have played it daily for well over a week now. The kids love the game. I love that there is a short version of the game that you can play! lol

Hubby surprised us yesterday by taking off of work early and coming home before lunch. So with everyone at home and nothing else to do we played the full version of the game.

Hubby is always the Nemo game piece, Little C is always Lightening McQueen, K is Ariel and I get Tinkerbell. Those are the little details I hope I will always remember and that the kids will cherish when they are grown.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Day 4 - 01-04-08

On our honeymoon in Gatlinburg TN I found a lovely little blown glass ball ornament. It was cobalt blue (my favorite color) and white, and I was fascinated with it. We promptly bought it and it hung on our tree that year.

The next year for our anniversary we went back to Gatlinburg. In a little shop I found a bunch of mouth blown glass ball ornaments. I found one I loved and hubby bought it for me.

That tradition has carried on every year now. Even though we haven't been back to Gatlinburg in a few years, my hubby always calls that little shop and orders me a new ornament.

The lady who owns the shop has told hubby that the artist will not be making the ornaments any longer and that she didn't think she could get one this year.

Yet here is this years addition to my tree.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Day 3 - 01-03-08

The leftovers from tonight's supper out. O'Charley's is our favorite place to go eat as a family. Luckily hubby's employees know that and gave him a gift card there as his Christmas gift this year. I usually always get this sandwich, the Whiskey Creek Steak Sandwich. It's so yummy! Two little steaks, bacon, roasted red peppers, onion rings and whiskey bbq sauce all on ciabiata bread. It's supposed to come with some type of cheese on it but I always have them leave that off.
Today was busy. I finally went and got my haircut. It had been 8mths since my last visit. It was shocking to walk in and discover that the girl who cuts my hair is now 7mths pregnant! lol I love my hair though and I feel human again!!
After supper at O'Charley's we took the kids to see Water Horse. What a sweet movie! It was a little scary/suspenseful in a lot of places though. I kinda wish we had stuck with my plan of me taking little C (my oldest) and letting K stay home with her daddy. She spent a lot of the movie with her face hidden in my arm.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Day 2 - 01-02-08

I'm really over thinking this idea of taking pictures everyday. I also have discovered that I have a hard time just using one picture. So today I am sharing 2. lol

Here is the first one... Can you tell what it is? I think it's fairly easy to guess.

It's extremely cold here in NC today. I think our high was around 35, with 15 mph winds. My son little C had Tae Kwon Do this morning. Which meant that while the house was still freezing cold I had to shower and get ready. I decided that being warm with dry hair was more important then being pretty today and let my hair do it's natural crazy thing. Which means that some of my hair was super curly, some was wavy and in the very back it was straight. None of that matters though because my hair was dry and I wasn't as cold as I would have been with wet hair.

The above picture is my curly/wavy hair, taken with my macro lens. I was playing around with my lens and for some odd reason started taking pictures of my hair. lol

It definitely sums up today, cold and lazy.

See in picture number 2 I didn't line up very well and accidentally got my eye in the picture. I really like this photo though. My eyes when you are looking at me are the color of dark chocolate. On rare occasions they turn this color, and I love that I have a photo showing it.

So there are my strange photos for the day.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Day 1 - 01-01-08

Day one of the new year and of my attempt to document this whole year of our lives in pictures.

I put way too much thought into what I would take a photo of today... I couldn't come up with anything that would symbolize the start of the new year.

Then it hit me. I am a southern gal, every holiday is all about the food and my own quirky New Years tradition is this....

The first year that hubby and I were married my mother was in a quandary over what to make for New Year's Dinner. We were all Turkey and Ham'ed out so I offered to fry chicken. I have fried chicken for New Year's Dinner every year since then. We still have the traditional southern sides for New Year's, Black Eyed Peas, Turnip Greens, Green Beans, Salad, and Corn Casserole. You just can't start the new year off without Black Eyed Peas for luck and Greens for money.

Happy New Year Y'all!!

Monday, December 31, 2007

Tomorrow starts a new year...

Since one of my goals for the new year is to learn to use my camera better I will be trying to take at least one photo a day.

Now I might not actualy post one photo a day on here.  I hope to at least update once a week, so there may be 7 photos per post.

Regardless that is the goal.  One photo a day.