Thursday, January 03, 2008

Day 3 - 01-03-08

The leftovers from tonight's supper out. O'Charley's is our favorite place to go eat as a family. Luckily hubby's employees know that and gave him a gift card there as his Christmas gift this year. I usually always get this sandwich, the Whiskey Creek Steak Sandwich. It's so yummy! Two little steaks, bacon, roasted red peppers, onion rings and whiskey bbq sauce all on ciabiata bread. It's supposed to come with some type of cheese on it but I always have them leave that off.
Today was busy. I finally went and got my haircut. It had been 8mths since my last visit. It was shocking to walk in and discover that the girl who cuts my hair is now 7mths pregnant! lol I love my hair though and I feel human again!!
After supper at O'Charley's we took the kids to see Water Horse. What a sweet movie! It was a little scary/suspenseful in a lot of places though. I kinda wish we had stuck with my plan of me taking little C (my oldest) and letting K stay home with her daddy. She spent a lot of the movie with her face hidden in my arm.

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hailiriley said...

Oh does that look good!!! I need to get a hair cut also!