Friday, January 04, 2008

Day 4 - 01-04-08

On our honeymoon in Gatlinburg TN I found a lovely little blown glass ball ornament. It was cobalt blue (my favorite color) and white, and I was fascinated with it. We promptly bought it and it hung on our tree that year.

The next year for our anniversary we went back to Gatlinburg. In a little shop I found a bunch of mouth blown glass ball ornaments. I found one I loved and hubby bought it for me.

That tradition has carried on every year now. Even though we haven't been back to Gatlinburg in a few years, my hubby always calls that little shop and orders me a new ornament.

The lady who owns the shop has told hubby that the artist will not be making the ornaments any longer and that she didn't think she could get one this year.

Yet here is this years addition to my tree.

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