Thursday, September 29, 2005

I need a break

I don't know what is wrong with my chidren. It seems since school has started one or both of them has been sick constantly. Thankfully not sick enough to warrent missing school, but it has not made living with them any fun at all.

Just today my son who loves going to school refused to get out of the car at the drop off. I had to circle around, park and climb in the back of the Tahoe and pull him out of the car and literally drag him into school.
Once inside he was fine. And he seemed fine when I picked him up, until we got to the door to go outside. Then he starts crying because he doesn't want to go home yet. So I had to drag him to the car, while he cried and everyone watched us.

Now that we are home waiting on lunch to finish cooking he has been in the corner twice and is now laying on his bed all for hitting Kathryn, and for throwing things.

My parents used to joke to my brother and I about selling us off to the gypsies when we would misbehave. I am starting to think it sounds like a good idea.

I hope this passes and he gets in a better mood. It stinks it happens on the one day Cory is out of town. lol

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