Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Been a While

It seems like I have been super busy, though when I look back over the past month or so I wasn't. Wonder why that was?

Anyway, I am now working more at hubby's store. I am finally getting to work some downstairs with customers. I really enjoy it. It's nice to stand there and chat with people as they make their purchases.

Both of the kids are good, still driving me batty. Right now I am watching my son walk around with a trash can (clean one we use to store toys) on his head saying "I am a Robot". Should be funny to watch, but considering I sent them to their rooms for their rest time, it's not.

We have a kitten! It is black with a few stray white furs all over. The poor Kitten doesn't have a name yet. Mostly because we can't figure out if it is a boy or a girl. I suppose eventualy we will name it instead of just calling it "cat", or in Cory's case "Stupid Cat".

My parents were up last week for a visit, and Cory's Dad will be up this week. I love having family come to visit. I just don't love all the cleaning that goes along with it. The sad truth is that most of it isn't necessary, they are coming to see us after all, not the house. Yet still I run around trying to get everything spotless.

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