Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Welcome to The Nuthouse

Ah my first post, I love typing the first post. Of course I also love writting on the very first page of a notebook. There is just something wonderful about making a mark on a blank notebook.

Anyway I thought I would start this blog so I could share about our life, as a family. As well as so I would have somewhere to record all the adorable things my kiddos do.

For instance my Birthday was this past Saturday. Cory (DH) gave me a laptop for my gift as well as he set our home up with wireless internet.
My 5 year old son Caedmon just calls to me from the playroom upstairs "Hey mom, call dad and see if he can tell you how to conifgure the network so I can print from up here." Yes that means that my 5 year old knows more then I do as it took me a second to figure out what a "network" was, but it also means that he has gotten on the internet by himself.
Scares me a little to be honest.. lol.

Well I will now end my first post so I can go finish lunch. What does it say when one of you comfort foods of choice is Hamburger Helper??

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